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Sometimes duplicate club members may occur. This can happen a number of ways but usually it is because one club member first name, last name or birthdate may be different. For example Sue Doe could also be Susanne Doe.

Another primary way that members are duplicated in TM2Sign is when using USA Volleyball SportsEngine to bring in your members when you already have members or add/import members manually. If you are a USA Volleyball club, then the only way for TM2Sign to validate rosters for USAV events is by using the club members imported from SportsEngine.

How do I fix this?

First remove any duplicate club members by clicking the red X at the far right of the club member record. If you are a USAV club then you should remove the member that has “This member is not affiliated to a USAV Membership”

If you are a USAV club and have duplicate members that show they are affiliated with USAV Membership, remove all duplicate records.

Next let’s make sure TM2Sign has the latest information from SportsEngine.
Do a club pull in TM2 – USAV Memberships Import Step-by-Step

If you continue to have duplicate members that are affiliated with USAV Membership you will need to contact your region for assistance, then repeat the removal of all duplicates in TM2Sign and rerun the club pull.

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