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How Do I Grant Permissions to My Club and/or Team?

Club directors have the ability to grant individuals to either their club and/or team. This is helpful if a club has multiple admin staff or if a club director would like to grant coaches access to individual teams. Granting team permissions can save club director’s time by granting coaches team access that coach will be able to complete online check in for events.

  • From your Club Dashboard, select the “Permissions” button at the top of the page
  • Select either the “Grant permissions to club” button or the “Grant permission to team” button
    • Club Permissions will grant a person full access to the club including all teams. This is best suited for your office staff.
    • Club Team Permissions will grant a person access to an individual team. This is best suited for coaches and team representatives.
  • Type in the email of the person you would like to grant access to. Please use the email address that is associated with the individual if they have a profile in TM2Sign.
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