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To create or update your roster, log into

  • Click on ‘Teams’
  • Click on the team you want to update rosters for.
  • Click on ‘Roster’
  • Create your Default Roster by adding players and staff – if you are a USA Volleyball club, then all members should be synchronized with the USAV MMS follow these instructions.
    • Select ‘Add Players’ in the players section of the page and select the players on that team along with uniform numbers.
    • Select ‘Add Staff’ in the staff section of the page and select the staff on that team along with their role.
  • For USA Volleyball events you do not need to enter AAU numbers. If your roster contains an empty column for AAU ID, this is ok.
  • Once you have built your template/default roster, click on ‘Event Rosters’
  • Click on ‘Event Roster’ link located to the right of the event name.
  • Click on ‘Apply Default Roster’, purple box on the right side
  • Click on ‘Validate’, blue box on the left side.
  • If your roster does not validate, determine the problem and fix it in your default roster, then for your event roster make the same change or simply click on ‘Apply Default Roster’ again. Then resubmit the roster to the event and revalidate that event roster.
  • Repeat the process for any other teams and events you need to submit rosters to.

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