USA Volleyball Membership Issues

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  • Ensure each member has the correct date of birth, gender and name listed in their SportsEngine account
  • SportsEngine Login
  • Double check that all members have a current membership in the SportsEngine system
  • Check to make sure that your Club Code and Region Code are correct in both SportsEngine and TM2Sign.
  • Instructions to check your club code in TM2Sign:
    • Login to TM2Sign
    • Select the ‘Edit Club’ tab
    • Ensure that you have selected the box listing that you participate in USAV Events
    • You may edit your club code at the bottom of this page
    • Select Save
    • If you do not know your Club Code please contact your USAV Region
  • All club members have been sent accepted their club assignments in SportsEngine
  • If an adult member has not completed all their safety requirements (IMPACT, SafeSport and Background Screen) they may not import until completed
  • If a player who is 18 years old or will be turning 18 this season and shows to have a valid membership in TM2 but the roster is not validating due to missing SafeSport.
    • The player likely has the wrong type of membership assigned to them in USA Volleyball Membership Management (SportsEngine)
    • Contact your region to resolve the issue.
    • After the correct membership is assigned be sure that the member has completed the SafeSport requirements by following instructions in SportsEngine. Contact your region if you need more assistance.
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