USAV Memberships Import Step-by-Step

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For USAV Events your players and staff members, along with their certifications, must be imported directly from the Sport Engine/USAV MMS registration system.

Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your players and staff are registered USAV Members in the Sport Engine/USAV MMS system
  2. Make sure your players and staff have completed all requirements as shown in the Sport Engine/USAV MMS system, and that they are marked as ‘Eligible’
  3. IMPORTANT: Make sure your players and staff are associated/affiliated with your club in the Sport Engine/USAV MMS system. This is a commonly missed step. A player/staff can be in your SE member directory but not be associated/affiliated with your club. To correct this problem, you must go into your Sport Engine account and send your members a ‘club assignment invite’. The member must then accept the invite in their personal profile to complete the association
  4. Once you completed the above steps, log into your account
  5. Click on ‘Actions’ and select ‘Import from USAV MMS’
  6. This will import and/or update all members associated with your club directly from the USAV/SportsEngine system into TM2sign. If this does not work, it is likely because Sports Engine is not sending TM2 valid information, or your Team Code in TM2 does not match Sports Engine. To resolve this make sure your team code in TM2 (how to update your club or region code in TM2) matches what is in Sports Engine
  7. If a specific member is not imported to TM2 you will need to have your Regional Commissioner contact their special SE help desk and determine what the problem is with that specific member. (There are some hidden attributes that you and member cannot see, and they cause a problem in the member being considered ineligible, even though it shows as ok)

To create or update your team and event rosters follow these instructions here

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