Why are my rosters showing parent names now?

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This is due to an issue in SportsEngine. SportsEngine is providing 3rd parties such as TM2Sign with profile data which may or may not be associated with the membership purchased from USA Volleyball. The membership that was provided to TM2Sign may have previously had the players name and birthdate attached to the membership however a later update from SportsEngine now indicates the name and/or birthdate has changed. TM2Sign is required to use the information that is provided by USA Volleyball and SportsEngine to determine if rosters are valid for USAV competition.

How do I fix this?

First check for and remove any duplicate club members – Duplicate Club Members

Next let’s make sure TM2Sign has the latest information from SportsEngine.
Do a club pull in TM2 – USAV Memberships Import Step-by-Step or find your member and click Synchronize with USAV MMS (SportsEngine)

Contact your region with and ask them to assist you. Your region may need to reach out to SportsEngine through their dedicated support channels in order for SportsEngine to separate the parent account from the player’s or create a player account and associate the purchased membership to that new account.

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